Zachia Manor

From: Ken Wedding <>
Subject: [MDCHARLE] Zachia Manor, 1789
Date: Sun, 13 May 2007 16:25:12 -0500
For anyone interested in Zachia Manor.

While doing some online research, I found a web site titled „Arvin
Family Biographical Sketches,” that begins with „Thomas Arvin, c1725
– c1805, Part 1 – Colonial Times.” The article is onlne at
It appears to be a well-researched article and is heavily footnoted
if you’re interested in sources.

It includes interesting information about life in 18th century
Charles County. For instance, I found this statement in the article,
„Zachia Manor, which had the poorest soil of all his lordship’s manors.”

The reason for bringing this up is that I found a scan of a 1789 map
of „Zachia Manor” from the Maryland State Archives linked to the

The scan is online at

The title of the map is „Zachia Manor Surveyed, 1789, Laid down by a
Scale of 100 ?? in an inch, John Hanson, Jun.” (I can’t read the
abbreviation for the units. It could be perches. A perch is what is
now usually called a rod or 16.5 ft or just over 5 meters.)

By 1789 (Washington’s election and the adoption of the Constitution),
the manor was no longer leased, so I assume the names on the plots
were owners. (Who became owners of the manors after the Revolution?)

Please correct me if I’m wrong in that assumption.

Here are the names that appear on the map. I’m not sure of all the
transcriptions because I’m not experienced in reading the 18th
century script. If you can correct my errors, I’d appreciate it.

Thos Arvin, Lotts No. 38, 33 & 40
Jg. (?) Baggett, No 67 & 68
Baltimore Bounty Patented, Lott No. 9
John Brook, Lott No. 4, Patented
J. Green No. 54
John Greens Leaves, No 54, 60 & 65
Jourden Tract, Patented Lott No. 35
H. Hardy, No. 37
Henry Hardy, No. 61
Henry Hardy, No. 64
His Lordships Favour, Lott No. 7 Patented
Paul Howel, Lotts No 5, 16
Tho Luckett, Lott No. 1, 2, 3
Thos Lucket, No. 13
Rebeccah McDaniels, Lott No. 18, Not sold
Middleton &(?) Tommes(?), No. 46
Miles & Carnes, Lott No. 22
James More, Lott No. 52
Lidia Moreland, Lott No. 49, 49 & 51
Walter Moreland, Lotts No. 6, 20
Owen & Beaven(?), No. 15
Eliz. Owen, Lotts No. 31 & 29
Joseph Owen, Lotts No. 14 & 48
Jos. Philbert, Lott No. 24
Hiz. Reeves, Lott No. 23
Hiz. Reeves, Lotts No. 43, 44 &45
Hezekiah Reeves, Lott No. 57
Hiz Reeves, Lott No. 47
John Nalley Robey, Lotts No. 12, 26 & 25
Joseph Roby, Lotts No. 10 & 11
Stephen Roby, Lott No. 48
Rhody Vincent, Lott No. 55
Sinlott (?) Hardy and Boarrman, No. 36 &42
Sinlott (?) Hardy and Boarrman, No. 50
Edward Scot Ware, Lotts No. 34 & 39
Thos Waters, Lott No. 70
Wedding & Banek (Banck? Banch?), Lott No 58, Not sold
Hez (?) Winn, No. 63
John B. Wathen (?), Lotts No. 56 & 59



Ken Wedding
Northfield, MN

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